Poultry Farms Heating

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Convective heating is the method being used in poultry farm, which is not energy efficient at all. The ventilation needed in poultry farms is far more than other industrial places. As a result, the heat produced is transmitted outside through ventilators and wasted before any transmission with the atmosphere and chickens on the floor. The cold floor being extremely wet and the moisture are among the problems of non-radiant heaters; however, the ceiling is warm. Radiant heaters considerably increase the quality of the product.

Advantages of ‘Garmataab’ in Heating Poultry Farms

  • Clean air circulation
  • Heat comfort on the floor and precise temperature control of the hall
  • Appropriate ventilation in cold seasons
  • Temperature control (Possibility of providing 32° in the first days of incubation)
  • No voice or light (no stress)
  • Reduction of the breeding period and homogenous flock of chickens when killing them
  • Providing the air needed for the combustion form out of the hall and evacuating its products
  • Washing and disinfecting the machine at the end of each period
  • Controlling the humidity and dryness of the hall’s floor
  • Balanced heat distribution and preventing from birds crowd
  • Energy efficient (saving 60 percent decrease in fuel consumption being compared to other heating systems)

UT Model

Capable of high radiation suitable for halls with high ceilings

جدول گرماتاب

SL Linear Model

Long and suitable for halls with low ceilings

جدول گرماتاب