About Us

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Aiming at creating job opportunities and production in the Iranian equipment industry, IRAN MASHAL Co. ‘Garmataab’ was established by an elite group of entrepreneurs and young educated people in 1360.

Considering the supreme company’s goals, which is boosting and developing production in Iran, making progress in this industry and cooperating with young people and others involved has always been high on the agenda by the managers and colleagues during the previous years.

Despite all the evident problems of production, we all have worked hard and had several considerable achievements as one of the biggest Iranian project operators active in building equipment in both industrial and non-industrial sectors simultaneous with being approved by Planning and Budget Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Regarding the company’s experience, its bright background and the managers’ interrogative view toward one of the biggest deficiencies in heating big areas, including industrial and sports halls, poultry and agricultural farms and outdoor environments in the country, the problem was tackled in cooperation with ‘AmbiRad’, a UK-based pioneer companyin 1378. The company is well-known for having the most advanced industrial complex of efficient and clean radiant heating systems in the world.

The researches undertaken prove that radiant heaters are the best choice for big areas due to their efficiency, high standard of cleanliness and low rate of repair, which lead to customers’ satisfaction. As a result, it only took 2 years of close effective cooperation with ‘AmbiRad’ to reach a high level of mass production under license from it. It is worthy of mention that IRAN MASHAL Co. ‘Garmataab’ is the first and only company directly certified by ‘AmbiRad’.

‘Garmataab’, coined by the innovative team members, is the registered well-known trade name of the products produced by IRAN MASHAL Company.

Regarding the issues of quality and high standards, the company is well-known to be the first equipped research laboratory and has been registered registered as the first standard holder in the field as well.

All in all, we are honored to have sold over 50000 machines in various industries and been the customers’ first choice as the biggest producer of radiant heating systems in Iran.

‘Quality is the priority/Quality comes first.’