Outdoor Areas and Restaurants Heating

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Nowadays heating outdoor areas like restaurants, terraces, bowers, roof gardens, pedestrian walkways and the outside of halls is one of the most important issues in this industry. Considering ordinary heaters and their direct heating, not only it is not energy efficient but also there is no control over the direction. Instead, it is the blow of the wind intensifying the unbalanced heating of the area. As a result, it is necessary to use a system like sun by which heat could be transmitted to individuals’ bodies and objects through radiant infra-red waves. The machine produced by ‘Garmataab’ is the one ideal for such a purpose due to high combustion output and unique heat transmission through an incombustible black pipe.

Outdoor Areas and Restaurants Heating 1

Normally, the machine made by ‘Garmataab’ is installed at a low height in outdoor areas to cause balanced heat comfort in a short time. However, the same cannot happen when ordinary heaters are used. Furthermore, these heaters occupy far more space and do not suit with the smaller luxurious architecture of outdoor areas. Satisfactory outdoor heat provision in places like restaurants could lead to both economic growth and customers’ satisfaction.

Outdoor Areas and Restaurants Heating 2

‘Garmataab’ is the Persian equivalent for radiant heater, a machine in which natural gas flowing in a pipe is burnt at a high temperature by a special heater. The heat produced turns into infra-red waves and then reflects on certain points by the trapezium-shaped reflector resulting in a great feeling like sun heat. The main parts of this machine are a special radiant heater, radiant pipes, a reflector and a fan. IRAN MASHAL Co. ‘Garmataab’ certified by ‘AmbiRad’ has been able to do various projects successfully. The parts used in the machines produced by the company are either made in England or Italy in accordance with the European standard BS EN416-1:1999. Moreover, the radiant pipes and reflectors are made out of a special alloy of stainless steel with a special color. It is worth mentioning that the special fan of the machine powered by an Italian electromotor makes it possible to have high combustion output through having suitable static pressure.

UT Model

Capable of high radiation suitable for halls with high ceilings

جدول گرماتاب

SL Linear Model

Long and suitable for halls with low ceilings

جدول گرماتاب