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‘Garmataab’ products are distributed by its Five-year guarantee on fans and burners, ten-year guarantee on pipes and 15 years warranty.

Nowadays warranty, including purchase, installation, training, repair, maintenance and guarantee conditions, is of great value for both customers and business owners. Consequently, such service, which previously might have only been used for repair purposes and home appliances, has now a broader concept with the aim of having effective constant relation to provide customers’ satisfaction and have their loyalty.

Having been actively involved as the first and biggest producer of radiant heating systems and regarding the need of the Iranian market, IRAN MASHAL Company has always tried to provide customers’ satisfaction with its thirty professional teams countrywide. We are proud of having founded 24/7 sales and warranty network of this industry in Iran.

The purpose of the company has always been focused on quick and precisely appropriate service with regard to the variety of the products and geographical location of each province instead of keeping the quality high.

The concept of warranty in industrial products is far more different from the ones in non-industrial and domestic sectors due to the direct relation between proper functioning of the products and quality. Accordingly, IRAN MASHAL Company has always tried to provide customers’ maximum satisfaction.

Regarding the daily increase in the variety of the products and based on the permanent policy of the company, which is meeting loyal customers’ needs, there has been a new concept of warranty, including guarantee extension, free visit, installation, maintenance and periodical services to fulfill the motto of the company ‘Quality is the priority/Quality comes first.’