Sports Halls Heating

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The other place in which radiant heating systems could be used is in sports halls, where in general the central heating must be on even when not necessary. However, 50 percent of the needed heat on the floor can be provided in few minutes using the energy efficient systems (about 80 percent) produced by ‘Garmataab’, which work at low temperatures. Generally, sports halls are to be well-ventilated because of a high level of physical activity and large number of spectators (5-10 times per hour).

A heater protector is necessary to be installed in ball sports like volleyball, futsal et cetera.

Advantages of Radiant Heating Systems in Sports Halls

  • Less fuel and electricity consumption (over 50 and 90 percent respectively)
  • Smart system
  • Quick heating
  • Feasibility of heater protector installation
  • Clean heat provision
  • Low rate of repair
  • Athletes freshness due to high quality ventilation

UT Model

Capable of high radiation suitable for halls with high ceilings

جدول گرماتاب

SL Linear Model

Long and suitable for halls with low ceilings

جدول گرماتاب